Bausher Dunes is the last remaining sand dune in the capital city of Muscat. In response to public concern covered in the local media, 23 Degrees North identified a need to stimulate pro-active discussion surrounding the complexities of preserving, managing and facilitating activities on and around the Bausher Dunes. The outcome of this discussion was presented to Muscat Municipality in the form of a sustainable management strategy proposal that builds upon material published by the Ministry of Housing to develop the dunes into a city attraction and alternative public venue for family use. The individual elements of the proposal explored the possibility of creating carefully considered zones of activity, which are facilitated by structures embedded within the dune to minimise their visual appearance and footprint. These include: visitor centre, camping and family BBQ areas, 4×4 dune bashing, sand ramp/ meandering footpath, sand sculpture park, heritage park, sand boarding and direct pedestrian links to local neighborhoods.

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