The Community Mosque reflects the traditional nature of the mosque as a central focus and gathering space within the community. By its openness and generosity of light and space, it re-connects the worshiper to the environment, drawing in light and ventilation by day and allowing light to shine out of the mosque like a beacon by night. Located at the center of the design, interlocking curved ramps formalise the act of male/ female segregation in a dynamic way and facilitate the act of contemplation or spiritual preparation before prayer. A central oculus floods the courtyard with natural light and at the west of the courtyard, a minaret ‘wind tower’ breathes fresh air into the space.

The architect began by identifying the essential elements of a mosque to articulate a new typology that makes a different architectural statement in a new direction. The design points to the contemporary, to reconnecting community and the environment and to facilitate a desire to dwell in spaces that reflect the universal values of the present day.

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