The PLAY:corridor at Shatti al Qurum is a celebration of movement and play within an urban residential area of Muscat. The site is a strip of land joining the Royal Opera House to the East and Hayat Regency Hotel to the West. The proposal put forward by 23 Degrees North presents a unique and innovative strategy for the creation of movement and pause / play along the 2.5km corridor. It remains faithful to the memory of Haya Water’s presence on the site and introduces a new urban play space in the heart of a very popular and urban residential area. The PLAY:corridor takes an inclusive approach to design and accommodates people of all ages – whether on a relaxing stroll, a run or jog, families with little ones toddling along and/or babies in prams or strollers. The average width of the corridor is 30m and comfortably enables the safe and parallel management of activities inviting the users to pause, stay and play.

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